12th Perrin Air Force Base Reunion
On June 30, 2007, (as in all past reunions, it is always the last Saturday in June,) there were 239 pre-registered who attended the luncheon. However, 305 former military and civil service personnel and their families, showed up for the 12th Perrin Air Force Base Reunion in the New CWL building at Grayson County Community College, 6101 Grayson Drive, Denison, Texas.
Guest speakers were: Congressman Ralph M. Hall, State Representative Larry Phillips, Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum, Airport Board President Phil Reother, Major General Gary Blair and Brigadier General Raymond Klosowski.
One of the important parts of any reunion is for all friends to see one another again. For instance, Major General Gary Blair of Helena, Montana met Brigadier General Raymond Klosowski of Duluth, Minnesota. They had not seen one another for more than 40 years. Then there were Brigadier General John M. Elkins of Sherman re-connecting with Master Sergeant Welby Smith of Lubbock, Texas. They served at Carswell AFB, Texas in 1961, some 46 years when they worked on the Convair Super sonic B-58 bomber.
Awards were presented to those who drove the longest distance. More than a dozen drove 1000 miles or more to get to Grayson County-Perrin Airport, Denison, Texas. Retired Chief Warrant Officer James W. Farris and Brigadier General John M. Elkins were presented awards for their volunteer work at the Perrin AFB Museum. A scrumptious lunch was served in the Grayson County Community College's cafeteria following the general meeting. At 1 pm, all moved to the Perrin AFB Museum at 4575 Airport Drive for touring the display at the museum and special aircraft parked on the flight line.
One of the most important aspects of the reunion was the Perrin Air Force Base museum with almost 5,000 square feet of display area. Attendees found wall to wall displays of memorabilia from Perrin's legacy. Much of it brought in and/or sent to the museum by those attending past reunions.
Many came in a few days before the Saturday general session and visited old places where they lived and sent their children to school. Some had a chore trying to find the house and/or apartment they lived at.They were in awe of how Grayson County has changed. The museum was also open all day Sunday for those remaining in town for the weekend. 
As stated in the11th Reunion report back in 2005, it was supposed to be the last reunion. However, requests kept coming in to have one more before we all get too old to travel. After due consideration and a few "gung ho" volunteers on December 2006, once again we were off and running for another fellowship of comrades. In spite of the awesome task of planning, coordinating and praying for helping hands, it was reported that this # 12 one was the best.


General session at 12th Perrin Reunion held in Grayson County College CWL building auditorium


Chow down at Grayson County Community College cafeteria for a super catered dinner. First half already ate and left for the museum visit.


Major General Gary Blair addresses attendees at General session. Main topic was our nation's air defense posture. We were unprepared in the late 1990's. Because of draw downs, no aircraft was on alert nor were they loaded for the 9/11 attack! The terrorist knew that!


James Smith of Bristow, Oklahoma present has hand carved airplane and show case to Lt Col B.J. Long during the 12th Perrin Reunion


USAF Retired Master Sergeant Welby Smith or Lubbock, Texas, who served with the John Elkins (left and behind Welby) on the B-58 Supersonic Bomber in Strategic Air Command's 43rd Bombardment Wing at Carswell Air Force Base, Texas. They recently met after 46 years of absence.


James W. Farris, Perrin AFB Museum Finance Director, called general session to order for 12th Perrin Reunion at CWL building, Grayson County Community College east campus 6/30/07


United States Congressman Ralph M. Hall, 4th District addresses 12th Perrin Reunion attendees. Main subjects were on Terrorism and Immigration problems facing our nation


Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum addressing attendees. Presented the Grayson County's approved  proclamation for Perrin Reunion. Main subject was the County's response and Federal Disaster assistance due to flooding across the area the past several weeks.


Speakers for the 12th Perrin Reunion. Left to right: Major General Gary Blair, U.S. Congressman Ralph M. Hall, Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum, Grayson County-Perrin Airport Board President Phil Roether, Brigadier General Raymond Klosowski, and Texas State Representative District 62 Larry Phillips.


Museum volunteers left to right: Charlie Giarraputo, Charlie Brown, Dave Williams, Ted Nurre, Barbara Pent, and James Farris during 12th Reunion general session


Museum volunteers (left to right) Jim Hudson, Robert Sylvester, Joan Jordan, Melvin McDaniel, B.J. Long and Rod Reichelt during reunion's general session.


Left to right: Charlie Brown & others signing in. Cherly Brown, JoAnn Farris, Mary Day, and Eunice Burgess at registration table.


Volunteers LaJuana & Welby Smith and Joan Jordan  selling tickets for the drawing of an afgan and a Las Vegas doll. (Jerre Waterloo won BOTH!)


Volunteers Barbara Pent (left) at new membership application table. Carol Reichelt  at instruction form table. Where donations, bequeaths, and/or wills may be made to the Perrin AFB Museum perpetuity fund

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