Pictures from Perrin Field

Perrin Group Shots

Base buildings and facilities

Perrin at work/play
and distinquished guests

BT-13A Vultees


Background A26 attack bomber. LTC Perrin was killed in a test flight of a B-26 Medium Bomber for Martin Aircraft Company


F-102 Interceptors flying over Lake Texoma

in early 1970 prior to base closing in 1972

Cessna T-37 "Tweety Bird" Trainer
The T-37 Tweety Bird trainer seated instructor
and student pilot in a side-by-side configuration.

T-33 "T-Bird" Trainer

H-43 and ealier helicopters

North American Sabre jet
refurbished at Garyson County Airport by
David Strait of Wild Weasel Air.
This model jet fighter saw service at Perrin Field
in the late 50's and early 60's

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